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Epic Cat Video Short Film



Once again I got to work with Little Red Balloon Films and Troop Productions. Fell was there previous short film. My brief was 5 humans and transform them into cats…. and to be as realistic as possible. My amazing actors were all based in Brisbane whilst I was in Sydney. Many nights were spent researching products, prosthetics, and transforming my own face into different coloured cats. I worked very closely with my two makeup assistants Beck Gardiner and Katrina Anger.

I ended up ordering my prosthetics from North Fur in Canada. Using a combination of prosthetic paints airbrushed and wolfe colours brushed on creating texture. My actors were all so excited for the opportunity to transform. Each actor being in the makeup chair for nearly 3 1/2 hrs. I think they loved every minute as much as the makeup team. A special thanks to Beck and Katrina, I couldn’t have done it without you both. Lauren Brown and Keiran Brice a special thanks for allowing my contribution to the film and for pushing my creative limits even when I felt like I had hit the wall. You pushed me further to be able to deliver past my expectations. This is a very proud moment in my career. Looking forward to the next film……

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